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Ending (Vala, Stargate oneshot) - The Stargate Sg-1 Unending Fanwork Challenge
Honouring the Finale of a Brilliant Sci-Fi Series!

Yusagi posting in The Stargate SG-1 Unending Fanwork Challenge
User: sg1_unending (posted by darkbunnyrabbit)
Date: 2008-03-17 22:48
Subject: Ending (Vala, Stargate oneshot)
Security: Public
Tags:daniel/vala, fanfic, sg-1, unending
Alrighty. So I'm brand spank'n new to this place, and haven't really had a lot of experience writing SG fics period (Generally its been entirely crossovers), but after rewatching the last two seasons, this inspiration randomly hit, and I figured I'd write it up.

Lots of speculation on Vala's past, so probably considered AU.

Title: Ending
Rating: Barely even PG
Spoilers: Basically, any of Vala's story arc from s9-10, Especially Ties That Bind, Crusade, and Unending
Pairings: Vala/Daniel, Vala/Tomin, Vala/Arlos, Vala/Other
Characters: Specifically Vala, but mentions of others.
Genre: Character introspection, romance, angst, AUish
Warnings: Speculation fic, and thus arguably AU.
Summary: A lifetime of solitude leaves far too much time for reflection.

"She didn't much like windows."
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