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Sunlit Honey (Sam/Vala) PG/Older Kids - The Stargate Sg-1 Unending Fanwork Challenge
Honouring the Finale of a Brilliant Sci-Fi Series!

campylobacter posting in The Stargate SG-1 Unending Fanwork Challenge
User: sg1_unending (posted by campylobacter)
Date: 2011-07-16 10:33
Subject: Sunlit Honey (Sam/Vala) PG/Older Kids
Security: Public
Location:USS Odyssey
Music:Kate Bush "Cloudbusting"
Tags:fanfic, sg-1, stargate sg-1, unending
Title: Sunlit Honey
Author: campylobacter 
Pairing: Sam/Vala
Word Count: 176
Rating: PG
Summary: Vala braids Sam's hair.

Written for A Picture is Worth 1000 Words: A Multifandom Comment Fic Meme hosted by igrockspock . Prompt image supplied by ivanolix 
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