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The Stargate Sg-1 Unending Fanwork Challenge

Honouring the Finale of a Brilliant Sci-Fi Series!

The Stargate SG-1 Unending Fanwork Challenge
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All Members , Moderated
This community is for fanworks (including fanfiction, hand-drawn art, icons, wallpapers, and videos) set during the Stargate SG-1 series finale episode "Unending". We also accept AU versions of the episode, such as what if Jack O'Neill or Carolyn Lam had also been on board the Odyssey, or what if Daniel hadn't liked girls, etc. (But of course, the moderator loves pro-Daniel/Vala stories best ^_~) You may post the items here (within the rules), or post links to the works on an outside site.

There's also a discussion thread for talking about the episode. So unless you have some long essay about something specific, you should be posting any review-ish thoughts and observations you want to share about the episode here.

Looking for a story idea? Have an idea you'd like to see others give a go? Try visiting the Plot Bunny Pen and Challenge Post! And remember, just because someone's writing about a scenario already doesn't mean you can't tackle it from another angle or write your own, entirley different version of the same event! Feel free to start a drabble tree, even!

Anyone can read these works, but only members may post. If you're interested in joining, please read the rules, found on this community's profile page.


1) All stories must have a rating, G, PG, PG-13, R! NC-17 FICS ARE PROHIBITED, so NO GRAPHIC SEX! Absolutley NO NC-17 *art* may be posted or linked to, be it photomanipulated or drawn. I suggest you go to whisper99's unending_porn to meet your NC-17 fic needs!
2) All pairings involved must be listed, even if they are only mentioned in passing.
3) Anything that contradicts the canon of the episode MUST be marked as AU (alternate universe)
4) When posting icons, no more than five on the front page -- everything else goes behind a cut.
5) When posting fics, no more than five hundred words of the story on the front page -- anything longer goes behind a cut.
6) When posting art or wallpapers, no more than five 200x200 thumbnails on the front page -- everything else goes behind a cut.
7) Embedded videos must always go behind a cut.
8) No flaming fics that feature pairings you're not fond of. All fics are clearly marked: if you don't like it, don't look in the first place.
9) No stories that defame/persecute/preach hatred towards others (well, expect maybe the Ori or the Goa'uld ^_~)
10) No "Real People" fics. So no, Britney Spears can't come play aboard the ship, even as a hologram.
11) Stand-alone stories and series may start before the episode and/or continue after the end, but they *must* include something of the time frame that was in the ep, preferrably their time aboard the Odyssey. Videos must contain at least one clip from the episode.
12) Make an effort to use proper capitalisation and punctuation.

if i find a fic is rife with sentences that go and and on forever and ever and you, put commas and; semicolons in funny places or dont put a comma or an apostrophe where there should be one and you never bother to capitalise pronouns and you changed verb tenses constantly and you dont know the difference between effect and affect or to and too and two or its and it's or your and you're (well, okay, using the wrong one once in a while is all right, if it's clear to me that it was just a typo) and you put more than one person's dialogue in the same paragraph when they are not speaking at the same time and it seems to me you never had an english class in your life or u keep speaking in 133+ and say teh all the time on purpose then its very likely i will delete the post /sarcasm

That kind of writing IS fine for reviews, yes, but not for fics. Comprendé? I highly recommend you read The Elements of Pyle, a short, funny (yes, I said funny) guide to English grammar that uses The X-Files to explain stuff.

Also, BACK UP YOUR WORK. You never know when the net will hiccup while you're posting or something, and the management is not responsible for lost or stolen posts! ;)

Happy fic'cing!

DISCLAIMER: Daniel Jackson, Vala Mal Doran, Samantha Carter, Cameron Mitchell, Teal'c, Hank Landry, Sha're, Jack O'Neill, Cassandra, Thor, the Asgrad, The Ori, the Tau'ri, and Stargate SG-1 ©/TM Stargate (II) Productions, Kawoosh Productions, The SCI FI Channel, Showtime/Viacom, Sony/MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Productions. The works presented here are not licensed by the copyright holders, and no profit is being made from it by the authors.